• Love Is Our Future

    • Client

      Shanghai Pride
    • Job Role

      Art Director
    • Agency

      Wunderman Shanghai
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    The key idea/message of the campaign was “Love Is Our Future.”

    We invited everyone to hold hands online to show their support. All people had to do was pledge their support by taking a photo of themselves holding hands with someone else.

    By posting online with the hashtag #ShanghaiPRIDE, each photo became a pledge that added a minute to a pair of virtual hands that remained entwined as long as people showed support. For those hesitant to share a photo, simply clicking a link on WeChat was a pledge, too. The more shares, the longer the hands held each other.

    To broaden the campaign’s reach and impact we integrated into corporate sponsors’ websites as well as on their official WeChat accounts, calling for people to pledge their love. The campaign focused primarily digital and social channels for their ability to reach the broadest audience possible with the most cost. These channels were deemed the best for integrating user-generated content, as well as for the potential of viral interaction and campaign amplification.

    With over 600 million users in China, WeChat was chosen for its ability to support the creative theme as well as create buzz. Weixin was used in order to track social conversations around the hashtag #ShanghaiPRIDE and as well as see linkage to other hashtags and social trends.

    Print and and PR were utilized to complement the digital efforts and provide additional opportunities for engaging with a broader audience.

    #ShanghaiPride #LoveIsOurFuture