• The Photonista

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      Panasonic Malaysia
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      Dentsu Utama
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    Based on insights from image portals and social media, we uncovered that there is a rise in female photographers. Stereotypically we tend to relate photography as a male oriented activity. We saw an opening for the brand : bring photography closer to our increasing female market via the GX1 – the upcoming mirrorless camera in the Lumix digital camera collection. And so the Photonista campaign was created.!



    The sassy, adventurous and connected women of today are compulsive photo-takers. The Lumix series offers design and technology that is advanced as well as thoughtful, making it effortless for amateurs to shoot like pros. This angle resonated with the women described above, which is why the “Photonista” concept was created. This allowed a community of fashionable females to take slick snapshots with ease and style. We have engage Nathalie den Dekker who is Dutch beauty pageant who crowned Miss Universe Netherlands in 2012 to be our spokesperson in our commercial.