• Ridsect Roach Massacre

    • Client

      Sara Lee - Ridsect
    • Job Role

      UX/UI Designer, Animation & Sound Design
    • Agency

      Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid, Lowe & Partners
    • URL


    Ridsect is a market leader in pest control with products such as sprays and traps. Recently the sales of Ridsect Roach Trap decreased tremendously because consumers have found alternative and inexpensive ways to get rid of cockroaches.



    Using reverse psychology by contrasting the many inhumane ways to kill cockroaches - from crushing with heavy objects to electrocution – against the more humane Ridsect.



    We created “Roach Massacre”, a Facebook-based tower-defence game. The player’s mission is to destroy the swarm of cockroaches coming his way. There are many weapons to unlock along the way, and as the game gets harder, these weapons will prove to be a big help. Of course, the ultimate weapon to kill these pests is Ridsect Roach Trap.



    Kancil Awards 2011 – Open Category (BRONZE)